Minutes April 9, 2016

April 11, 2016 NHKWVA Membership Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester and was called to order at 2 pm by Commander Richard Moushegian. Thirteen members and 5 guests were present.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our departed comrades.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

The financial report was given indicating that so far for the year 2016 the income have exceeded the expenses by $287.70.

Membership report: Nationally we have 74 active and 5 inactive members (two are still listed as Chapter members by National but, have removed their names from the Chapter). As for the Chapter there are 61 paid members for 2016 with 16 outstanding. A reminder will again be sent by e-mail or regular mail to each individual who is past due.

E-mail addresses: When sending out information from the Chapter there is about 20 members that receive the information by regular mail with the rest by e-mail. If any of the members who receive the information by regular mail have an e-mail address or if a family member or friend does and it can be used, the Chapter would appreciate having it. This would make things easier, more cost effective and guarantee that one gets all the pertinent information.

Dan Marcek from Vetflix explained about his project of conducting taped interviews of veterans and would like to have more Korean War vets. Vetflix is a 501(c) (3) non-profit and relies on donations. The interviews are for historical purposes and are free to the vet along with a copy of the interview.

Lebanon Bridge: Henry Dessert and Richard Moushegian reported on the progress of the naming of the bridge crossing the Connecticut River from Lebanon for the Korean War Veterans. It is still in progress with the possibility looking good.

Chapter name change: It was brought up and discussed that it would be beneficial that the Chapter undergo a name change and that the change be that of a person. Two names were suggested; Cpl Donald Francis Van Den Berghe who was fatally wounded on July 23, 1953 and might just be the last causality of the war from New Hampshire, and Ivan Eaton a POW for nearly 3 years, a chartered member of the chapter and who passed away In 2014. This was left open for other name suggestions and will be discussed along with other bylaw changes at the June meeting with possible finalization at the August meeting. Please send any suggestions to the Secretary.

Rose of Sharon: This year the Rose of Sharon distribution will take place on Saturday, July 16th. It was recommended that we again request permission from Market Basket to set up at their store at 375 Amherst Street in Nashua. A second location will be looked into in the Manchester area. Market Baskets in Manchester, Bedford and Hooksett were suggested. A letter will be sent to Market Basket. Members will be needed to cover the two locations, one in Nashua and one in Manchester from 9 am to 3 pm.

The next meeting of the NHKWVA was to be June 11th but because of scheduling, graduations and Father’s Day it will be held Saturday, June 4th. Time, place and full schedule will be forthcoming.
We are still waiting to hear from the Korean-American Society about their event for this year.

Election of officers: According to the Bylaws the election of officers is to take place in June and in order for the Chapter to continue the positions need to be filled. So far a tentative slate of officers for 2016-2017 is:

Commander: Richard Moushegian
Sr. Vice Commander: Richard Zoerb
Jr. Vice Commander: Robert Desmond
Secretary/ Treasurer: Conrad Perreault
One year Director- Donald Buskey for the Past Commander seat
Two Year Director – Michael Lopez
Two Year Director – Open
One Year Director – Henry Dessert for the Secretary’s seat.
Directors Robert Courtemanche and James Slater will be in their second year of directorship.

Other nominations will be solicited at the June meeting.

National Officers: Bob Desmond mentioned that the voting for national officers is now taking place and
a ballot is in the January-February issue of the Graybeards. He suggests that all cast their ballot and especially vote for Jeffrey Brodeur for 2nd Vice President and David Clark for Director.

Rose Connor-Allard was introduced as possible new member. She is a Korea Service Veteran.

A thank you goes to the following for the meeting’s refreshments: the Zoerbs, Moushegians, Bob Desmond, Buskey/Youngman, Perreaults, and McCabe/Messier.

Meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer
177 Pako Ave.
Keene, NH 03431603-352-5369