Minutes December 10, 2016



December 10, 2016 Membership Meeting Minutes

 The December Social Meeting of the NHKWVA was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester commencing at 1 pm. Commander Richard Moushegian and Secretary/Treasurer Conrad Perreault welcomed the 24 veterans and 11 guests.

The social commenced with the pledge of allegiance and a remembrance of our past comrades.

Those present enjoyed an excellent lunch of sandwiches, salads, coffee and a variety of desserts.  The conversations and comradeship were abundant and enjoyable.  Jeanne Perreault organized and directed a fun bag game. 

Dave Kenney, Chairman of the NH Veterans Advisory committee (SVAC), presented a film on the NH State Veterans Cemetery, its history, its expansion and the building of the new education center.  This was followed by a discussion period.

A short business meeting then followed:

It was noted that an unauthorized deduction was made from the Chapters bank account.  This has been reported to the bank and we are awaiting the outcome. The Treasurer, Conrad Perreault requested that he be given permission, if necessary, to close out the account and open a new one.  It was moved, seconded and passed that he has the authority to do so.

The next meeting will be the second Saturday in April, the 8th, time and place will be forthcoming.  The February meeting is cancelled because many of our members go to warmer climates in the winter and because of unforeseeable bad weather.

Thanks to Jeanne and Conrad Perreault for their and others efforts in preparing the event.

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.

Submitted by:

Conrad Perreault






Minutes October 1, 2016 Meeting

October 1, 2016 Membership Meeting Minutes


The meeting held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester was called to order by Commander Richard Moushegian at 2:30 pm.  There were 11 members and 1 guest present.


All officers were present with the exception of Richard Zoerb who was excused.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were presented and accepted.  


The financial report, for the year to date, was presented and accepted.


Membership and Dues: The Chapter membership stands at 69 paid for 2016 with 7 unpaid.  Also, 7 members have paid their 2017 dues.  It is now time to submit your 2017 dues for our new year begins on January 1, 2017. Make your check out for $10 to NHKWVA and mail it to: NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH 03431.   There are also 7 members in the arrears for their National dues. Check your National membership card for your dues date and send the $25 to the National Office.: The Korean War Veterans Association Inc., P.O. Box 407, Charleston, IL 61920-0407 


Chapter name change:  This was tabled for the present.


Vetflix:  There is a need for Vetflix and the Chapter to get together with the State.  On October 21st there is a meeting with the New Hampshire Veterans Foundation.  However, the Foundation has no money but being involved with them is good publicity for the Chapter and Vetflix.


Bridge name:  The naming of the bridge in Lebanon has yet to be resolved.  The Task Force has not made their recommendation to the State.  Henry Dessert, Bob Desmond along with Travis Bill from the VFW will continue to pursue this project.


It was proposed and approved that the Chapter make the following donations:


NH State Veterans Home – $500

Veterans Count – $200

The, to be, Education & Learning Center at the Veterans Cemetery – $200

Sweeney American Legion Post – $100


The next meeting of the NHKWVA will take place at the Sweeney Legion Post on December 10, 2016.  It is to be a luncheon with a special invitation to Korean War and Korean Service Veterans to share comradeship with us.  More information will be coming out later.


Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm


Submitted by:

Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer



Thank you and Photos

I was asked to post even though the event took place in Phoenix,Arizona. The message and the web-sites are worth reading and looking at.


Dear beloved Korean War veterans,

Thank you so much for attending the Korean War Veterans Appreciation Ceremony and Luncheon this past Saturday to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the start of the Korean War.

We appreciate your coming out to attend this event on such a hot day. We hope you enjoyed the ceremony.

Here’s the link to the photos on my facebook page. You do not need to have a facebook account to view the photos. If you would like to download any of the photos, you can right click on any photo. Please feel free to forward this email and link to the photos to anyone who may be interested.


Also, in case you didn’t know, I have a facebook page dedicated to honoring our Korean War veterans. I regularly post service stories of Korean war veterans and also Korean War history.


**Please feel free to share these links with others.

We are forever grateful for what you have suffered and endured during the Korean War, to defend the freedom of the Korean people.

With unending gratitude, love, and respect,


Susan Kee
Mobile: (623) 332-2199
Email: sk4vets@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/susankeewriter

Commanders Message


The Korean-American society will once again show their appreciation to those who served in Korea during the wartime years and those who have served since to maintain that countries form of government and the assurance in knowing that our military is prepared to defend their independence.

This Appreciation Ceremony will take place on July 22nd at 3:30pm at the Veterans Cemetery in Boscowen NH ..The Society extends their appreciation to include our family members and friends. The Society would like to know in advance if any individual group would exceed more than four persons for the sake of food preparation. In that event, please notify the Commander as soon as possible.

It is important to make an effort to support this event as the Society continually makes an effort to recognize and appreciate our sacrifices for their country.

This event will be held rain or shine.

Thank you for your support

Richard A. Moushegian

Commander, NHKWVA

78 Tennyson Ave.

Nashua NH 03062

Tel: 603-888-2880

e-mail: rmoushegian@hotmail.com

Minutes June 4, 2016 Meeting

June 4, 2016 NHKWVA Membership Meeting Minutes

The meeting held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester was called to order by Commander Richard Moushegian at 2 pm with fourteen members present.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our departed comrades.

All officers were present with the exception of James Slater and Lee Booker who were excused.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Financial Report: For the year to date, expenses are $601.47 and income of $723 with $121.59 to the good.

Membership report: The Chapter has 69 paid members with 9 who are still unpaid. There are also 5 members that owe National Dues. Look on your National Membership card or the Graybeard label for your date of National dues. The Chapter is always due on or before the 1st of January.

Rose of Sharon: The distribution of the Rose of Sharon fund raiser will take place on July 16th at the Market Basket on Amherst Street, Nashua, NH and the Market Basket at the intersection of route 114 and McDonald Street in Bedford, NH. We are allowed to be at the stores from 9 am to 3 pm. We need at least 6 members to sign up for a one or two hour shift at each of the stores. There will be a sign up sheet Richard Moushegian, 603-888-2880, will be in charge of the Nashua Store and Conrad Perreault, 603-352-5369, for The Bedford Store.

Commander Moushegian reported the naming of the bridge is still in committee but the memorial in Nashua will remain in front of City Hall.

Mike Lopez told us about his radio program on Wednesdays at FM 90.7 where he has a segment about Service to Veterans where veteran organizations can talk about their programs.

Mike also informed the members that the Veterans Cemetery is to construct a $350,000 building to act as a center for meetings etc. instead of using the maintenance building.

The topic of bylaws changes was brought which consisted of, the name change for the Chapter; increase the amount, $200, the Treasurer can spend without obtaining an ok from the Commander and the term limits for Commander, Sr. Vice Commander and Jr. Vice Commander. It was moved to be acted on these changes at the next Board meeting and then bring their recommendation to the members.

Commander Moushegian indicated he would be coming out with a Commander Message about the July 22nd (Friday) Korean – American Society event to be held at the Veterans Cemetery.

Election of Officers: The following officers and directors were elected and installed for the 2016-2017 year.

Commander: Richard Moushegian
Sr. Vice Commander: Richard Zoerb
Jr. Vice Commander: Robert Desmond
Secretary/Treasurer: Conrad Perreault
One Year Director: Donald Buskey for the Past Commander’s seat
Two Year Director: Michael Lopez
Two Year Director: Lionel Leblanc
One Year Director: Henry Dessert for the Secretary’s seat
Directors Robert Courtemanche and James Slater will be in their second year directorship.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Time and place to be announced.

Meeting adjourned at 2:53 pm

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer

Minutes April 9, 2016

April 11, 2016 NHKWVA Membership Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester and was called to order at 2 pm by Commander Richard Moushegian. Thirteen members and 5 guests were present.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our departed comrades.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

The financial report was given indicating that so far for the year 2016 the income have exceeded the expenses by $287.70.

Membership report: Nationally we have 74 active and 5 inactive members (two are still listed as Chapter members by National but, have removed their names from the Chapter). As for the Chapter there are 61 paid members for 2016 with 16 outstanding. A reminder will again be sent by e-mail or regular mail to each individual who is past due.

E-mail addresses: When sending out information from the Chapter there is about 20 members that receive the information by regular mail with the rest by e-mail. If any of the members who receive the information by regular mail have an e-mail address or if a family member or friend does and it can be used, the Chapter would appreciate having it. This would make things easier, more cost effective and guarantee that one gets all the pertinent information.

Dan Marcek from Vetflix explained about his project of conducting taped interviews of veterans and would like to have more Korean War vets. Vetflix is a 501(c) (3) non-profit and relies on donations. The interviews are for historical purposes and are free to the vet along with a copy of the interview.

Lebanon Bridge: Henry Dessert and Richard Moushegian reported on the progress of the naming of the bridge crossing the Connecticut River from Lebanon for the Korean War Veterans. It is still in progress with the possibility looking good.

Chapter name change: It was brought up and discussed that it would be beneficial that the Chapter undergo a name change and that the change be that of a person. Two names were suggested; Cpl Donald Francis Van Den Berghe who was fatally wounded on July 23, 1953 and might just be the last causality of the war from New Hampshire, and Ivan Eaton a POW for nearly 3 years, a chartered member of the chapter and who passed away In 2014. This was left open for other name suggestions and will be discussed along with other bylaw changes at the June meeting with possible finalization at the August meeting. Please send any suggestions to the Secretary.

Rose of Sharon: This year the Rose of Sharon distribution will take place on Saturday, July 16th. It was recommended that we again request permission from Market Basket to set up at their store at 375 Amherst Street in Nashua. A second location will be looked into in the Manchester area. Market Baskets in Manchester, Bedford and Hooksett were suggested. A letter will be sent to Market Basket. Members will be needed to cover the two locations, one in Nashua and one in Manchester from 9 am to 3 pm.

The next meeting of the NHKWVA was to be June 11th but because of scheduling, graduations and Father’s Day it will be held Saturday, June 4th. Time, place and full schedule will be forthcoming.
We are still waiting to hear from the Korean-American Society about their event for this year.

Election of officers: According to the Bylaws the election of officers is to take place in June and in order for the Chapter to continue the positions need to be filled. So far a tentative slate of officers for 2016-2017 is:

Commander: Richard Moushegian
Sr. Vice Commander: Richard Zoerb
Jr. Vice Commander: Robert Desmond
Secretary/ Treasurer: Conrad Perreault
One year Director- Donald Buskey for the Past Commander seat
Two Year Director – Michael Lopez
Two Year Director – Open
One Year Director – Henry Dessert for the Secretary’s seat.
Directors Robert Courtemanche and James Slater will be in their second year of directorship.

Other nominations will be solicited at the June meeting.

National Officers: Bob Desmond mentioned that the voting for national officers is now taking place and
a ballot is in the January-February issue of the Graybeards. He suggests that all cast their ballot and especially vote for Jeffrey Brodeur for 2nd Vice President and David Clark for Director.

Rose Connor-Allard was introduced as possible new member. She is a Korea Service Veteran.

A thank you goes to the following for the meeting’s refreshments: the Zoerbs, Moushegians, Bob Desmond, Buskey/Youngman, Perreaults, and McCabe/Messier.

Meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer
177 Pako Ave.
Keene, NH 03431603-352-5369

Commander’s Message


Thankfully we have had a livable winter to date. Many of our snow birds will be returning from Florida for the next meeting which is scheduled for April 9th at the American Legion Sweeney Post in Manchester.

We have requested that Dan Marcek, a Director of Vetflix and a previous presenter to again explain his program. Mr. Marcek is anxious to encourage our members to participate in documenting our oral history regarding our service in Korea. Some of you would like to memorialize your experience and some not.

I would also propose the possibility of having a professional presentation on Wills and Trusts in the future if the majority is interested. I realize that we are aged and assume that most have taken care of these end-of-life issues. This would be an informational session at no cost and would cover a wide range in avoiding Federal and State estate taxes. I would ask that you let me know of your interest. My e-mail and telephone number is attached.

Since our last meeting, I have had a 15 minute radio spot on WLMW in Manchester discussing the KWVA and our goals. Unfortunately the radio range is about 20 miles but they do have a community listening audience.

Last January at the State Veterans Action Committee (SVAC) in Concord, I discussed our concerns for recognition in the future and proposed the naming of a bridge in Lebanon NH on Rte 4 to be called “the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge”. This discussion was held with State Senator Sharon Carson who volunteered to propose the Bill in the Senate. She later confirmed the effort with co-sponsors and the Bill (SB548) is currently in the Transportation Department.

I need the membership to assist in this effort by simply getting in touch with your State Senators and Representatives from your District to support the Bill. It is our Chapters hope that we can have some visible memorial in each of the States counties. Soon we will have no one to represent us, so we must act now so that the future citizens of this State will have a reminder of our sacrifice. You can easily access these contacts on the internet or the telephone directory.

Mr. Sun Woo Park of the Korean-American Society has been notified of this event and insures that the Society will exercise their influence. Mr. Park also confirmed that the annual memorial ceremony will be conducted in either late June or late July at a site to be determined and requested that our family members join in the festivities. He will need a head count as the time draws near.

I am working with the City of Nashua to relocate our Korean War memorial to Monument Square in Nashua. I am requesting a re-dedication ceremony around Memorial Day. At this time the City is cooperating in the relocation.

Last year we had a very successful “Rose of Sharon” sale in Nashua. This year we will conduct a sale in Nashua and Manchester, tentatively on July 16th. We will need volunteers at both sites. We expect the hours to be between 10am and 3pm. Success we be dependent on the weather our presentation and your support.

Secretary Perreault will be sending out dues notices for 2016. Some are remiss. Please continue supporting the Chapters efforts. Voice you interests and concerns. It is hard to determine what the silent majority feels about our activities when we don’t communicate.

I am asking for your support in these matters.

Thank you:

Richard A. Moushegian
Commander, KWVA
78 Tennyson Ave.
Nashua, NH 03062
e-mail: rmoushegian@hotmail.com
Tel: 603-888-2880

Minutes December 13, 2015 Meeting

December 13, 2015 Membership Meeting Minutes

The December Social Meeting of the NHKWVA was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester commencing at 1 pm. Commander Richard Moushegian welcomed the 10 members and 7 guests.

Those present enjoyed an excellent lunch of homemade beans and chowder
along with sandwiches, salads, coffee and a variety of desserts. The conversations and comradeship were abundant and enjoyable. Jeanne Perreault organized and directed a fun Yankee Swap.

Mary Ann Williams of Keene talked about her experience on being a DNA donor for a cousin who was killed in the Korean War and is still an MIA. This is a federal program and more information may be had by contacting her through me.

A short business meeting the followed:

Commander Moushegian reported on the possibility of having the new bridge over the Connecticut River near Lebanon be named in honor of the Korean War Veterans. This is a work in progress and updates will be coming in the future.

He also reported that a new parkway in Nashua has been built and is asking the city to name it the Korean War Veterans Parkway.

Nine members of the Chapter, Robert Desmond, Richard Moushegian, Conrad Perreault, George Delorey, Alan Heidenreich, Donald Buskey, Joseph Willette, Robert Courtemanche and James Slater, were invited by Dennis Beaulieu to attend the 8th Annual Veterans Count Breakfast held in Manchester on October 20th. This was the first time that Korean Veterans had been invited to this event.

Six members, Richard Moushegian, Robert Desmond, Conrad Perreault, Richard Zoerb, William McCabe, and Robert Courtemanche attended the 125th Anniversary Ceremony on December 3rd at the New Hampshire Veterans Home. Information and a display of the Chapter were set up.

The financial year for the Chapter runs from January 1 to December 31 meaning that the 2016 Chapter dues of $10 are now being accepted. A check can be made out to NHKWVA and sent to NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH. There are 13 members that are still outstanding for their 2015 Chapter dues and 14 so far have paid their 2016 dues. Also, check your National Membership card to determine when your National dues need to be submitted. The Chapter does not receive any part of the dues that are paid to National.

The Chapter’s financial report was presented. So far this year we have expended $1070.39 which is less than received. Our income from dues is only $720 including those who paid ahead for 2016. If it wasn’t for donations from some of our members and the Rose of Sharon distribution we would not be in such good condition.

It was moved, seconded and passed that the Chapter donate $100 to the Sweeney Post for allowing the use of their facility.
It was also moved, seconded and passed that the Chapter donate $200 to the State Veterans Home in Tilton.

The New England Honor Flight will soon be taking Korean War Vets so it is imperative that if you wish to be included in one of the flight that you apply.

Bob Desmond mentioned the up-coming Nashua Stand Down and also a book “Take Charge – what to do if your ID is stolen”.

A thank you was given to the Perreaults, especially Jeanne, for their effort in preparing the meal and the Yankee Swap. They want to thank Karen Youngman for her help with the meal.

There will not be a meeting in February 2016 with the next meeting scheduled for Saturday April 9, 2016 at the Sweeney American Legion Post, Manchester.

Meeting adjourned at 2:44 pm.

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault

Minutes Oct.10, 2015 Meeting

October 10.2015 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester and was called to order at 1:32 pm by Senior Vice Commander Richard Zoerb following a social time with snacks and coffee. Twelve members and 4 guests were present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was given and then a moment of silence in remembrance of our departed comrades.

All officers were present with the exception of Commander Moushegian and Directors Paul Harris and Lee Booker who were all excused.

David Teed, the Veterans Liaison for the Compassionate Care Hospice, gave an interesting presentation where he talked about the VA benefits – pros and cons, including the Veterans Choice Program, Honor Flight New England, and the Veterans History Project and other programs offered that one might not know about. He stressed signing up for the Honor Flight because when they start flights for Korean Veterans it will be first signed, first up. Korean War Veterans who are terminal ill may go with WWII veterans. If veterans or families need advice one can contact David Teed at Compassionate Care Hospice, 25 Nashua Road, Building E, Suite 3, Londonderry, NH 03053, Londonderry, NH 03053,603-421-9887 Main, 603-305-5548 Cell, david.teed@cchnet.net

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read. This was followed by the financial report showing that there is a significant amount in the treasury indicating that we are in a position now where we are able to donate to a scholarship or project.

Membership Report: Since the last meeting we have one new member, Bill Sturgeon from Nashua. We now have, according to National, 75 active members and 5 inactive. This refers to those who have or have not paid their National dues. As for the Chapter, 63 paid their 2015 dues with 14 who did not. Already there are 11 who have submitted their 2016 dues. The list of those who are paid up including those for 2016 will be included with the minutes. It was again noted that an anonymous person will donate up to $200 for dues for members who find it a hardship to belong.

A discussion was centered on the questions: What have we done and what can we do?

Some things done: Stand Downs in Nashua and Keene, membership in the State Veterans Advisory Council, memorial services of our members, patriotic services at the State Veterans Home, Veterans Day and Memorial Day activities at the State Veterans Cemetery, Rose of Sharon distribution, the funeral of a Korean War MIA in Exeter, meeting and spending time with students from South Korea on June 25th, participating in the NH Korean-American Society activities, personal donations to veterans organizations/ homes, sponsored a student to the Korean War Veterans Group convention, etc…

Some things that could be done: More participation in activities on patriotic days, Tell America school program; visit, hold a meeting and tour the Veterans Home, sponsor a bingo at the Veterans Home, expand the Rose of Sharon distribution, donate to other veteran activities, student scholarship(s), donate to the Korean War Museum, etc… Come with more ideas at the next meeting.

Bob Desmond mentioned that some members were invited to attend the Veterans Count breakfast, a program of the Easters Seals, on October, 20th.

Possible Future speakers:
Mary Ann Williams – relative of a Korean War MIA presenting her experience in regards to identification of remains by DNA.
Howie Howe – State Veterans Advisory Council’s representative to the VA.
Bob Desmond – Tell America training
John Barrett – VFW State Service Officer.

Conrad Perreault reminded attendees of the statement “Behavior of Veterans for National Anthem and Honoring the Flag”
1. Veterans not in uniform may render the military salute in the manner as those uniformed members of the Armed Forces with the playing of the National Anthem. (36 U.S.C. 301)
2. Veterans not in uniform may render the military salute when the flag is being raised or lowered or moving past. (4U.S.C.9)

3. All others present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over their heart. Men with a hat should remove it; place it over their left shoulder with their hand over their heart.

Veterans Day Activities: Veterans Home in Tilton on November 10th at 11 am and NH Veterans Cemetery on Nov. 11th at 11am

Chapter hats may be ordered for $37.50 or $40 (depending on the number ordered at one time). Contact Conrad if you have any interest.

The next meeting will be held on December 12, the second Saturday of the month. There will a Christmas social meeting with a luncheon at 1 pm followed by a short business meeting. A donation of $5 per person will be accepted to offset the cost of the meal.

Meeting adjourned at 2:43 pm

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer

2015 & 2016 Dues Paid

Robert Desmond 2015
Fred Harvey 2015
John Lafrancois 2015
William McCabe 2015 & 2016
Paul Harris 2015 & 2016
Terrence Connors, Sr. 2015
Mervyn Frink 2015 & 2016
Robert Brewster 2015
Norm Cobb 2015 & 2016
Edward Hamilton 2015
Conrad Perreault 2015
Frederick Pratt 2015
Richard Perron 2015
Harry Kageleiry 2015
Ronald Russell 2015
Arnold Suokko 2015
James Spence 2015
Peter Martel 2015
Gerald Holleran 2015
George Naum 2015
Robert Lilljedahl 2015
Robert Coutemanche 2015
Carrol Pete Thompson 2015
Henry E. Dessert 2015
Alan Heidendeich 2015
Marcel Couturier 2015
Jane Kirk 2015
Henry Donovan 2015
Palmer Porter 2015
Raymond Patchen – 2015 & 2016
Lee Booker 2015
Donald Buskey 2015
Robert Oberg 2015
James Slater 2015
Richard Moushegian 2015
John Ekenbarger POW 2015 & 2016
Michael Lopez 2015
William Carr 2015
Joseph Willette 2015
Roland Harmon 2015
Richard Zoerb 2015

Sid Glassner 2015
Wilfred LeBlanc 2015
John Pellerin 2015 & 2016
David Staples 2015
Joseph Merrill 2015
James Dumont 2015
John McVicar 2015
Edward Pinelle 2015
Edward Warfield 2015
Everett Delorey 2015
Donald Caron 2015 & 2016
Robert Leister 2015 & 2016
Lionel Lablanc 2015
George Deziel 2015
George West 2015
Carter Proctor 2015 – new
Jorg Dreusicke 2015 & 2016
Albert Brochu 2015 & 2016
Robert Gowitzke 2015 & 2016
Paul White 2015 & 2016
Eugene Mercier 2015
William R Sturgeon 2015

The2016 dues year starts on January 1, 2016. You can submit your payment with a check made out to NHKWVA and mailed to: NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH 03431

Minutes August 8, 2015

August 8, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester and was called to order at 2 pm by Commander Richard Moushegian following a light lunch and social time. Thirteen members and 5 guests were present.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed and a moment of silence in remembrance of our departed comrades.

Gabriel “Gaby” Arcand, a granddaughter of a Korean War Veteran, gave a report on her second attendance to the “Korean War Veterans Youth Group Convention”. Here they learn about the Korean War and are given training in interviewing, for history, Korean War Veterans. She has interviewed some of our members and is looking for more members and other Korean Veterans to be interviewed.

Immediate Past Commander Robert Desmond gave a report on the National Convention that was held in Washington, DC on July 22-27. The main emphasis was on membership. The membership is declining and there is need to recruit more Korean War Veterans and to encourage the Korean Service Veterans to join us.

Membership: Since the last meeting we have a new member, Carter Proctor from Antrim. However there are still 16 members who have yet to send in their 2015 dues.
It was announced that an anonymous individual has offered to give up to $200 if there are any members or Korean War Veterans who find it a hardship to belong to the NHKWVA or KWVA. It was also agreed that the Chapter could waive its dues if requested.

Rose of Sharon: On July 25th, for the first time, the “Rose of Sharon” was distributed as a fund raiser at the Market Basket in Nashua. Jeanne and Conrad Perreault, Richard Moushegian, Bill McCabe and Shirley Messier, Jim and Joanne Slater and Dick Zoerb volunteered their time for the distribution. The results surpassed our hopes. We will plan on a second distribution place for next year.

The Minutes of the previous meeting and the Financial Report were presented and accepted.

Hats and Patches: Conrad reported on the possibility of obtaining the official KWVA hats from another dealer. The cost of the hat alone would be $25 plus $12 for the lettering. With shipping and handling the maximum cost per hat would be $40. He also indicated that he has some 2 ½ inch KWVA patches with pins so that they can be attached to clothing. These are at $6. If interested, contact Conrad at 603-352-5369 or cjperreault@myfairpoint.net.

A press Release from the Manchester VA was read. This indicated that, starting on September 1st on Monday thru Friday between 8:30 am and 2: 30 pm, the Medical Center will be supporting walk-in hearing air repairs in the Audiology Clinic.

A Stand Down will be held at the Keene American Legion on Friday, September 11th from 9 am to 3 pm. This is where a variety of organizations will be present to offer services to veterans such as counseling, job hunting, VA enrolment, etc…

The installation and oath of office was administered to the new officers, who were elected at the June meeting, for the 2015-2016 year.

Joseph Willette was appointed Chaplain.

The next meeting will be held on the second Saturday in October, the 10th.

The meeting adjourned at 3:08 pm.

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer