June 10, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors of the NHKWVA met at the Concord VFW Post at 1pm June 10, 2012.  Seven out of 10 were present.


Present were:


Conrad Perreault, Commander

Wilfred  LaBlanc, Sr. Vice Commander

Roland Stoodley, Secretary/Treasurer


Robert Shaines

Richard Moushegian

Robert Desmond

Donald Buskey

Not Present:

Richard Cummings

Ivan Eaton

Alex McKinnon


Developed a slate of officers for 2012-2013.


Commander – Conrad Perreault

Sr. Vice Commander – open

Jr. Vice Commander – Robert Leister

Sec. /Treasurer – Roland Stoodley

Director for a second year- Robert Shaines

Richard Moushegian

Director for two years – Alexander McKinnon


Director for one year – Robert Desmond

Donald Buskey


Robert Desmond informed the Board about the legislation of the Flag Amendment and the Korean War Remembrance Wall and requested that we contact our Congress representatives in regard to these Bills.  This is to be presented at the general meeting.


Discussion ensued in regards to the website and determining how the number of hits made on it can be known, how the site can become more interactive with other sites and Facebook and how information can be added to the site by other members.  Conrad will check with the web master.


It was mentioned and agreed that the Chapter should look into inviting guest speakers to some of the regular meeting.


The Tell America program was discussed and was decided that it should be pursued and recommended to be brought up at the general meeting.  Bob Desmond will coordinate it.


The final discussions centered on recruitment of new members, distribution of KWVA flyers to other organizations such as Legion Post, VFW Post and the Elks and the formation of county or regional sub groups of NHKWVA.   These will be brought before the membership.


The Board approved a request by Conrad to invite Vermont members of the KWVA to join our Chapter.  Vermont does not at this time have an active Chapter.


Meeting adjourned at 2 pm.




Roland Stoodley, Secretary

Conrad Perreault, Commander


June 10, 2012 Meeting Minutes


The General Membership Meeting of June 10, 1012 of the NHKWVA was called to order at 2:03 pm by Commander Perreault with 19 members in attendance.


The Pledge of Allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence in remembrance of our comrades.


Roll call of officers was taken and all, with the exception of Ivan Eaton, Richard Cummings and Alex McKinnon, were present.


The Minutes of the March 4, 2012, which had previously been sent to the members, were approved as written.


The financial report was presented indicating that the Chapter has a balance on hand of $1080.69.


Membership:  The membership stands at 70 including three that are in the arrears of their National dues.  Also only 27 have sent in their volunteer $10 Chapter dues.


Hats:  Conrad has on hand one Chapter hat size 7 ¼.  If anyone is interested let him know. There will be an inquiry made to the company that furnished the Chapter hats to determine the minimum order needed to obtain more.  Some members have indicated they would like to obtain one.


Bob Desmond has obtained 20 of light blue Korean War Veteran baseball type hats that were presented at the last meeting.  They can be obtained after the meeting for a donation of $10.


Korean American Memorial Service: A reminder that the Korean American Society of NH service is to be held at the Marriott Courtyard, 70 Constitution Ave., Concord, NH, June 29th at 11 am and that there are still a few openings.  Next year’s service will be held at the Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen.


Tell America:  A report was presented in regards to the National Tell America Program. Materials have been received and volunteers are needed to present this program in their communities for the upcoming school year.  It was further mentioned that the Chapter could become involved with the New Sea Scout program located in the Peterborough area.


County or Regional Groups:  It was suggested, because we are a State wide Chapter, that County or Regional groups of NHKWVA be organized with a Chairman or Assistant to the Commander and the NHKWVA members in that area to organize programs, recruit new members personally and by placing flyers in VFW and Legion Post and Elk Clubs etc. and participate in public activities.   A more complete plan will be developed and presented at a future meeting.


State Advisory Committee:  The Commander mentioned that there is a State Veterans Advisory Committee with members from a variety of veteran groups who keep tract of state legislative bills related to veterans.  He thought it would be a benefit for us to belong and will look into this.


US Congress Bills: There are two bills before Congress:  1) “The Flag Amendment” relating to the desecration of the American Flag is before the House and the Senate, and 2) “Korean Wall of Remembrance” which list the names of those who gave their all in Korea.  Handouts were available and it was requested that the members contact their representatives and request that they co-sponsor these bills.


Vermont KWVA Veterans:  In as much as Vermont KWVA members do not have an active Chapter it was suggested that we contact these veterans and invite them into our Chapter, especially those close to the border.  Conrad will see if he is able to obtain a list of these veterans from National.




General Announcements:

-Try to participate in activities such as Fourth of July and the Welcome Home End of Iraq Parade to be held on Sunday, July 8th at 2pm in Portsmouth.  Wear a hat showing you are a Korean Veteran and /or a member of the NHKWVA.

-The National Convention of the KWVA is to be held in St. Louis, MO on Oct. 10-14.

– The May/June Graybeards magazine should be out soon and the new National Officers will be listed.

–  The Tilton Legion would like names of Korean Veterans in their area to honor them at their August event.  If anyone lives in that area contact them and let them know you will attend.  Let them know you are also a member of the NHKWVA.

– It is also possible that the Chapter could arrange a trip to Washington, Dc to visit the Korean War Memorial and other memorials. This would be a 4 day/3 night trip, with a cost of approximately $350 per person.  Think about it and it will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

– There were some concerns, at times, as to the odor of smoke at the meetings.  If anyone has an idea for other locations the Officers and Directors would be open to and willing to set the meetings elsewhere.


Nomination and Election of Officers: The following slate of officers was nominated to serve for the 2012-2013 year.

Commander – Conrad Perreault

Sr. Vice Commander – Robert Desmond

Jr. Vice Commander – Robert Leister

Sec. /Treasure – Roland Stoodley

Two Year Director –Alexander McKinnon

Two Year Director – John Pellerin

One Year Director – Donald Buskey

One Year Director – Paul Harris


A motion was made to accept the slate as presented, seconded and passed.


Directors Richard Moushegain and Robert Shaines were elected last year for a two year term and remain on the Board of Directors.


The following appointments were made:

Judge Advocate – Robert Shaines

POW/MIA – Ivan Eaton

Sergeant-at –Arms – Lawrence Sinclair

Publicity – Robert Desmond, Richard Moushegain


The next meeting will be September 16, 2012.  The Concord VFW has been reserved for that day but location is subject to change.


The meeting adjourned at 3:05 pm.



Roland Stoodley, Secretary

Conrad Perreault, Commander






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