Commander’s Message


Thankfully we have had a livable winter to date. Many of our snow birds will be returning from Florida for the next meeting which is scheduled for April 9th at the American Legion Sweeney Post in Manchester.

We have requested that Dan Marcek, a Director of Vetflix and a previous presenter to again explain his program. Mr. Marcek is anxious to encourage our members to participate in documenting our oral history regarding our service in Korea. Some of you would like to memorialize your experience and some not.

I would also propose the possibility of having a professional presentation on Wills and Trusts in the future if the majority is interested. I realize that we are aged and assume that most have taken care of these end-of-life issues. This would be an informational session at no cost and would cover a wide range in avoiding Federal and State estate taxes. I would ask that you let me know of your interest. My e-mail and telephone number is attached.

Since our last meeting, I have had a 15 minute radio spot on WLMW in Manchester discussing the KWVA and our goals. Unfortunately the radio range is about 20 miles but they do have a community listening audience.

Last January at the State Veterans Action Committee (SVAC) in Concord, I discussed our concerns for recognition in the future and proposed the naming of a bridge in Lebanon NH on Rte 4 to be called “the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge”. This discussion was held with State Senator Sharon Carson who volunteered to propose the Bill in the Senate. She later confirmed the effort with co-sponsors and the Bill (SB548) is currently in the Transportation Department.

I need the membership to assist in this effort by simply getting in touch with your State Senators and Representatives from your District to support the Bill. It is our Chapters hope that we can have some visible memorial in each of the States counties. Soon we will have no one to represent us, so we must act now so that the future citizens of this State will have a reminder of our sacrifice. You can easily access these contacts on the internet or the telephone directory.

Mr. Sun Woo Park of the Korean-American Society has been notified of this event and insures that the Society will exercise their influence. Mr. Park also confirmed that the annual memorial ceremony will be conducted in either late June or late July at a site to be determined and requested that our family members join in the festivities. He will need a head count as the time draws near.

I am working with the City of Nashua to relocate our Korean War memorial to Monument Square in Nashua. I am requesting a re-dedication ceremony around Memorial Day. At this time the City is cooperating in the relocation.

Last year we had a very successful “Rose of Sharon” sale in Nashua. This year we will conduct a sale in Nashua and Manchester, tentatively on July 16th. We will need volunteers at both sites. We expect the hours to be between 10am and 3pm. Success we be dependent on the weather our presentation and your support.

Secretary Perreault will be sending out dues notices for 2016. Some are remiss. Please continue supporting the Chapters efforts. Voice you interests and concerns. It is hard to determine what the silent majority feels about our activities when we don’t communicate.

I am asking for your support in these matters.

Thank you:

Richard A. Moushegian
Commander, KWVA
78 Tennyson Ave.
Nashua, NH 03062
Tel: 603-888-2880