Minutes Oct.10, 2015 Meeting

October 10.2015 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester and was called to order at 1:32 pm by Senior Vice Commander Richard Zoerb following a social time with snacks and coffee. Twelve members and 4 guests were present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was given and then a moment of silence in remembrance of our departed comrades.

All officers were present with the exception of Commander Moushegian and Directors Paul Harris and Lee Booker who were all excused.

David Teed, the Veterans Liaison for the Compassionate Care Hospice, gave an interesting presentation where he talked about the VA benefits – pros and cons, including the Veterans Choice Program, Honor Flight New England, and the Veterans History Project and other programs offered that one might not know about. He stressed signing up for the Honor Flight because when they start flights for Korean Veterans it will be first signed, first up. Korean War Veterans who are terminal ill may go with WWII veterans. If veterans or families need advice one can contact David Teed at Compassionate Care Hospice, 25 Nashua Road, Building E, Suite 3, Londonderry, NH 03053, Londonderry, NH 03053,603-421-9887 Main, 603-305-5548 Cell, david.teed@cchnet.net

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read. This was followed by the financial report showing that there is a significant amount in the treasury indicating that we are in a position now where we are able to donate to a scholarship or project.

Membership Report: Since the last meeting we have one new member, Bill Sturgeon from Nashua. We now have, according to National, 75 active members and 5 inactive. This refers to those who have or have not paid their National dues. As for the Chapter, 63 paid their 2015 dues with 14 who did not. Already there are 11 who have submitted their 2016 dues. The list of those who are paid up including those for 2016 will be included with the minutes. It was again noted that an anonymous person will donate up to $200 for dues for members who find it a hardship to belong.

A discussion was centered on the questions: What have we done and what can we do?

Some things done: Stand Downs in Nashua and Keene, membership in the State Veterans Advisory Council, memorial services of our members, patriotic services at the State Veterans Home, Veterans Day and Memorial Day activities at the State Veterans Cemetery, Rose of Sharon distribution, the funeral of a Korean War MIA in Exeter, meeting and spending time with students from South Korea on June 25th, participating in the NH Korean-American Society activities, personal donations to veterans organizations/ homes, sponsored a student to the Korean War Veterans Group convention, etc…

Some things that could be done: More participation in activities on patriotic days, Tell America school program; visit, hold a meeting and tour the Veterans Home, sponsor a bingo at the Veterans Home, expand the Rose of Sharon distribution, donate to other veteran activities, student scholarship(s), donate to the Korean War Museum, etc… Come with more ideas at the next meeting.

Bob Desmond mentioned that some members were invited to attend the Veterans Count breakfast, a program of the Easters Seals, on October, 20th.

Possible Future speakers:
Mary Ann Williams – relative of a Korean War MIA presenting her experience in regards to identification of remains by DNA.
Howie Howe – State Veterans Advisory Council’s representative to the VA.
Bob Desmond – Tell America training
John Barrett – VFW State Service Officer.

Conrad Perreault reminded attendees of the statement “Behavior of Veterans for National Anthem and Honoring the Flag”
1. Veterans not in uniform may render the military salute in the manner as those uniformed members of the Armed Forces with the playing of the National Anthem. (36 U.S.C. 301)
2. Veterans not in uniform may render the military salute when the flag is being raised or lowered or moving past. (4U.S.C.9)

3. All others present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over their heart. Men with a hat should remove it; place it over their left shoulder with their hand over their heart.

Veterans Day Activities: Veterans Home in Tilton on November 10th at 11 am and NH Veterans Cemetery on Nov. 11th at 11am

Chapter hats may be ordered for $37.50 or $40 (depending on the number ordered at one time). Contact Conrad if you have any interest.

The next meeting will be held on December 12, the second Saturday of the month. There will a Christmas social meeting with a luncheon at 1 pm followed by a short business meeting. A donation of $5 per person will be accepted to offset the cost of the meal.

Meeting adjourned at 2:43 pm

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer

2015 & 2016 Dues Paid

Robert Desmond 2015
Fred Harvey 2015
John Lafrancois 2015
William McCabe 2015 & 2016
Paul Harris 2015 & 2016
Terrence Connors, Sr. 2015
Mervyn Frink 2015 & 2016
Robert Brewster 2015
Norm Cobb 2015 & 2016
Edward Hamilton 2015
Conrad Perreault 2015
Frederick Pratt 2015
Richard Perron 2015
Harry Kageleiry 2015
Ronald Russell 2015
Arnold Suokko 2015
James Spence 2015
Peter Martel 2015
Gerald Holleran 2015
George Naum 2015
Robert Lilljedahl 2015
Robert Coutemanche 2015
Carrol Pete Thompson 2015
Henry E. Dessert 2015
Alan Heidendeich 2015
Marcel Couturier 2015
Jane Kirk 2015
Henry Donovan 2015
Palmer Porter 2015
Raymond Patchen – 2015 & 2016
Lee Booker 2015
Donald Buskey 2015
Robert Oberg 2015
James Slater 2015
Richard Moushegian 2015
John Ekenbarger POW 2015 & 2016
Michael Lopez 2015
William Carr 2015
Joseph Willette 2015
Roland Harmon 2015
Richard Zoerb 2015

Sid Glassner 2015
Wilfred LeBlanc 2015
John Pellerin 2015 & 2016
David Staples 2015
Joseph Merrill 2015
James Dumont 2015
John McVicar 2015
Edward Pinelle 2015
Edward Warfield 2015
Everett Delorey 2015
Donald Caron 2015 & 2016
Robert Leister 2015 & 2016
Lionel Lablanc 2015
George Deziel 2015
George West 2015
Carter Proctor 2015 – new
Jorg Dreusicke 2015 & 2016
Albert Brochu 2015 & 2016
Robert Gowitzke 2015 & 2016
Paul White 2015 & 2016
Eugene Mercier 2015
William R Sturgeon 2015

The2016 dues year starts on January 1, 2016. You can submit your payment with a check made out to NHKWVA and mailed to: NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH 03431