Secretary/ Treasure Report for 2013

Secretary/Treasurer Annual Report NHKWVA 320

As Secretary/ Treasurer it is time for me to present to you, the membership, a report of the finances for the 2013 year.

We were in the black this year because of advance dues and donations from members. Only 32 members paid dues for 2013 with 22 paying ahead for 2014.

The membership now stands at 74 active and 4 inactive. An inactive member is one who has not sent in their National dues. If all members pay their NHKWVA Chapter dues it might cover most of the expenses for 2014. We would still need to raise money from other sources so that we always maintain a back up fund.

As you know in the past the Chapter dues were voluntary but because so few did pay, it was voted at the March 3, 2013 meeting to make them mandatory. As of this date only 24 are paid up for 2014. Also, according to the National KWVA one cannot belong to a Chapter if the National dues are not up-to-date. Check your National membership card to determine the date.

On the positive side, the NHKWVA is being acknowledged by other organizations and Senator Kelly Ayotte’s office. The Welcome Home Korean War Veterans event that is to take place on June 28th was instigated by the Chapter. The Chapter is seeking membership in the State Veterans Advisory Committee which acts as an advisory group to the State Legislature on Bills relating to veterans. We are also looking into other avenues where the Chapter can represent the Korean veterans. Members are needed to help fill openings on some of these committees. A few hours every so often is needed so consider helping the Chapter to educate the public about the Korean War and Korean service veterans.

Make sure your National membership is up-to-date and also send your Chapter dues ($10.00) to NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH 03431 and make the check out to NHKWVA. If there are any questions as to your National due date or if you are or are not one on the Chapter’s 2014 paid members, contact me at the NHKWVA address or call 603-352-5369.

Conrad Perreault