Minutes June 13, 2015 Meeting

June 13, 2015 Membership Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery, Boscawen, NH and was called to order at 1:30 pm by Commander Robert Desmond following an excellent lunch put on by Jeanne Perreault. Fourteen members and 9 guests were present.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our departed comrades.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were presented and accepted.

The Finance Report was given for the period between the last meeting in April and this meeting. With 23 dues paid, the return of an un-cashed check, payment for 7 hats, expenses for postage and 50 dozen Rose of Sharon resulting in $651.73 in the black. The report was accepted.

Commander Desmond gave a report on the funeral of Elmer Richard, the Korean War POW returned home after 65 years. The Chapter had an excellent representation there with Robert Desmond, Richard Moushegian, Conrad Perreault, George Delorey, Robert and Barbara Courtemanche, Joseph Willette, and James and Joanne Slater.

Membership: The Chapter has 74 members reported active with the national KWVA and 4 inactive. Of this membership only 54 have sent in their Chapter dues. Since our last meeting in April there have been two new members, John Ekenbager and Michael Lopez. One of our members, Richard Norcross passed away.

Conrad reported that he was interviewed May 13th about NHKWVA on a radio station in Manchester. It was an excellent way to get our message out and to obtain more recognition.

The Commander recognized Michael Horn, Director of the Veterans Cemetery, who gave a presentation on the history, development and organization of the cemetery. He explained what veterans are able to be interned there and how one can register for future interment.

Rose of Sharon: After some discussion and explanation it was decided that the Chapter’s first ever distribution of the Rose of Sharon will be on July 25th,9am to 3 pm, at the Market Basket on Amherst Street in Nashua. It is hoped that this will be successful and that in the future we will be able to expand to other locations in the state. Volunteers were requested to help with this endeavor on a sign –up sheet.

It was announced that the Korean-American Society of New Hampshire will be hosting a program at the NH Veterans Cemetery on Friday, July 24th at 4pm. A reception will start at approximately 3:30 pm with the program starting at 4 pm. Following the program there will a luncheon held at the maintenance building. Any Korean War and Korean Service Veterans along with their families or guests are invited to attend. More information should be forthcoming.

The election of officers for 2015-2016 took place with the following being elected:

Commander – Richard Moushegian
Sr. Vice Commander – Richard Zoerb
Jr. Vice Commander – Robert Desmond
Secretary/ Treasurer – Conrad Perreault
One Year Director – Donald Buskey
One Year Director – Henry Dessert
Two Year Director – Robert Courtemanche
Two Year Director –James Slater
Second Year of a Two Year Directorship – Lee Booker
Second year of a Two Year Directorship – Paul Harris

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 to the Korean War memorial

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer

Following the meeting a short memorial ceremony was held at the Korean War Monument on the Memorial Walk. Conrad Perreault read the names of the 14 NHKWVA members who have died since the Chapter’s inception. A passage from the Reformed Jewish Prayer Book The Gates of Prayer that was brought to Conrad’s attention by one of our members, William Carr, was read. Also was read a poem taken from the March/April 2009 Graybeards titled Korea – the Forgotten War. Bill McCabe laid a wreath at the Memorial. Special recognition was paid to member Paul Harris who was responsible along with the Contoocook, NH VFW for this Memorial.

Minutes April 11, 2015 Meeting

April 11, 2014 NHKWVA Membership Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester and was called to order at 2:10 pm by Commander Robert Desmond. Sixteen members and 9 guests were present.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our departed comrades.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

The financial report was given indicating that so far for the year 2015 the expenses have exceeded the income due to the fact that only 30 of the 73 members have sent in their dues. However, the Chapter is in the black because of the total amount in the account. There are still 8 members outstanding for 2014. Nationally, we have 73 active and 4 inactive members. The Chapter has 65 active and 8 inactive members.

Robin Barnes, the daughter of Bo Gilbert, was introduced and represented her father, who was unable to attend, to explain a project that Mr. Gilbert is attempting to do. This project is to use his 300+ acres in Belmont, NH and develop a community for veterans. A question and answer session followed.

John Ekenbarger, an ex Korean War POW, was introduced and spoke of his experiences followed by a number of members doing the same.

Since the last meeting there have been two new members, Ronald Russell and Robert Lilljedahl. We have lost one of our members, George Karalas.

Commander Desmond gave a report in regards to the Honor Flight New England. Even though this year’s flights are still made up of WWII Veterans it is still a good idea for Korean War Veterans to apply for these applications will be considered in the future. Having your name in gives a better chance of acceptance. Korean veterans who have a serious illness are given preference.

The Commander also mentioned that on April 20th there will be a third “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Event” and he will attend representing the NHKWVA. The request for another “Welcome Home Korean War Veterans” has been placed.

One of the National KWVA Directors has proposed a name change of the Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA) to Korean Veterans of America Association (KVAA). Comments were expressed by some of the members present. Comments, pro or con, would be welcomed by the National Association. More information can be found in the Graybeards Magazine.

The topic of the Korean Peace Medal was brought up. It is not sure if there will be future presentations of the medal, but contact will be made to Mr. Park of the NH Korean American Society as to this award.

A year ago the NHKWVA sponsored a young lady from Bow, NH, and a granddaughter of a Korean War Veteran, to attend the Korean War veterans Youth Corps Convention in Washington, DC. She requested that we make available the information and contact persons for this year’s attendance. These are available today and if more information is needed contact Conrad at 603-352-5369. This youth corps is for grandchildren of Korean War Veterans and aids in making the public and particular the youth aware of the Korean War.

A suggestion was made in making the NHKWVA membership roll available to its members. The Secretary is hesitant due to privacy laws etc. This will be placed on hold until more input is received from the membership.

Previously it was agreed that the Chapter would distribute the Rose of Sharon, the national flower of South Korea, on or around the 27 of July, as a fund raiser similar to the poppy distribution of the American Legion and VFW. The date and location will be forthcoming. This being the first year we will concentrate on one or two locations. A number of people indicated they would participate.

The next meeting of the NHKWVA was to be June 13th but it was thought that Fathers’ Day is on the 14th, so it was changed to June 20th to be held at the Boscawen Veterans Cemetery. (NOTE: Fathers Day is really on the 21st and also close to many graduations, so the next meeting will be on Saturday, June 13.) A luncheon was discussed. Times and full schedule will be forthcoming.

According to the Bylaws the election of officers is to take place in June and in order for the Chapter to continue the positions need to be filled. So far a tentative slate of officers for 2015-2016 is:

Commander: Open
Sr. Vice Commander: Richard Zoerb
Jr. Vice Commander: Robert Desmond
Secretary/ Treasurer: Conrad Perreault
Past Commander- Donald Buskey for past Commander Robert Desmond
Two Year Director – Richard Moushegian
Two Year Director – To be elected
One Year Director – to fill the position normally held by the Sec. or Treas.
Directors Lee Booker and Paul Harris will be in their second year of directorship.

Other nominations will be solicited at the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer

Minutes December 13, 2014 Meeting

December 13, 2014 Membership Meeting Minutes

The December Social Meeting of the NHKWVA was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester commencing at 1 pm. Commander Robert Desmond and Secretary/Treasurer Conrad Perreault welcomed the 18 members and 14 guests.

Those present enjoyed an excellent lunch of homemade soup and chowder
along with sandwiches, salads, coffee and a variety of desserts. The conversations and comradeship were abundant and enjoyable. Jeanne Perreault organized and directed a fun Yankee Swap. Also, many pairs of gloves, socks, etc. were collected to be donated to Liberty House.

Angela Roberts of the Nashua Harbor Homes which is dedicated to providing housing, employment services; health care and financial assistance for New Hampshire homeless and low income veterans and their families spoke and answered questions about the program.

A short business meeting the followed:

The first order of business was to fill the vacant Directors position. Alan Heidenreich was nominated and elected.

It was announced that Donald Labrie, a faithful member, passed away. Also, it was mentioned that we have a new member, Mervyn Frink from Keene.

Conrad informed the members that the check for the hats was sent to the vender and the hats are officially ordered. In as much as this has taken a long time the original cost of $30 will be honored.

Commander Desmond emphasized that it is important that, we as members of the NHKWVA when out in the public have some sort of indicator, such as a hat, that show that we are Korean Veterans.

The financial year for the Chapter runs from January 1 to December 31 meaning that the 2015 Chapter dues of $10 are now being accepted. A check can be made out to NHKWVA and sent to NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH. There are 8 members that are still outstanding for their 2014 Chapter dues. Also, check your National Membership card to determine when your National dues need to be submitted.

The Chapter’s financial report was presented. So far this year we have expended more than received… This is in part to the payment for the hats which should be reimbursed when they are sold. The Chapter still has sufficient amount in the account.

It was moved, seconded and passed that the Chapter donate $100 to the Sweeney Post for allowing the use of their facility.

There was a discussion as to what day is best for the meetings, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. It was passed, by a large majority, that Saturdays are best. Therefore, the next meeting will be the second Saturday in April. The February meeting is cancelled because many of our members go to warmer climates in the winter and because of unforeseeable bad weather.

A thank you was given to Jeanne and Conrad Perreault for their effort in preparing the meal and the Yankee Swap.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.

Submitted by:

Conrad Perreault

Minutes October 10th 2014 Meeting

October 10, 2014 NHKWVA Membership Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester, NH and was called to order by Commander Desmond at 2 pm with 12 members and 3 guests present.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our departed comrades.

The Commander Bob Desmond informed those present that our member Ivan Eaton, who was a POW for 33 months passed away on September 23rd. The Commander and Sec. /Treas. Conrad attended the funeral on September 26th in Seabrook, NH.

The list of the 10 members of the Chapter who have died since the Chapter’s inception was read.

An article that was in the Union Leader was mentioned. This related to the fact that there is a shortfall of money for military funerals. It seems that the NH National will run out of money to cover the expenses for this by January 2015.

The Commander reported that he represented the NHKWVA at the Stand Down for Homeless Veterans that was held at the Harbor House in Nashua on Oct. 9th. This organization started in San Diego in 1988 and has expanded across the country. Food, clothing, employment information, VA information and programs, free legal information, etc… are offered to the veterans. There were approximately 200 veterans taking advantage of this program.

It was reported that NHKWVA is now a board member of the State Veterans Advisory Committee (SVAC). This committee discusses the veteran bills brought up by the State Representatives and advises if they might be pertinent.

As for membership: Sec./Treas. Conrad reported that since the last meeting we have 4 new members- Auxiliary member Jane Kirk, she served in country with the Red Cross during the war, Alan Heidenreich, Lionel Leblanc and Raymond Patchen. That gives us 75 members. He also noted that there is still need for a Director and members to take such positions as Chaplain, Judge Advocate, Sergeant-at-Arms, Color Guard, publicity and photographer.

The Commander reported that Dan Marcek from Vetflex who does interviews of veterans is seeking money from the Korean Government to support the project for Korean War Veterans. It was also mentioned that Gabrielle Arcand from the Korean War Youth Corps has done a couple of interviews. Her interviews will appear on the Digit Memorial website. This website can be located on www.nhkwva.org . Scroll down and on the left hand side, in blue letters, you will find Digital KWVA Memorial.

It was decided that because of possible weather problems and that a number of the members go south during the winter that the February meeting will be cancelled. This can be revisited at the December meeting.

At the August meeting it was decided that our annual Rose of Sharon Fund Event would take place on July 27th, the date of the signing of the cease fire. However, it was mentioned that this date is on a different day each year so it was proposed and accepted that the last Saturday in July would be better.

Bob Courtemanche, a member, gave a presentation on his hobby and craft fair objects of military creations such as pens, cribbage boards, clocks etc… with military insignias. He passed around a collection of various pens with a variety of service logos.

Al Heidenreich mentioned that there will be a blood drawing on October 25th at the Red Cross Center in Manchester in honor Bill Whitmore, a well known veteran in Manchester.

The December meeting will be held on Saturday, Dec. 13th for Friday the 12th is not available. It will be a “luncheon social meeting” beginning at 1pm at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester, NH. In order to cover the cost of food a $5 donation is being requested. Spouses, companions, family members and fellow Korean Veterans are invited.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault – Secretary/Treasurer

Minutes August 8th Meeting

August 8, 2014 NHKWVA Membership Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester and was called to order at 2:04 pm by Commander Robert Desmond with 11 members and 5 guests present.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our departed comrades.

Commander Desmond introduced Keith Howard who is the Executive Director of Liberty House. Mr. Howard spoke on the history and goals of Liberty House which is a place for homeless veterans in Manchester. They have approximately 15 residents at a given time plus distribute clothes and food to many other homeless individuals. He also spoke on the need of volunteers and financial support to sustain the House.

Following Keith Howard’s presentation, Secretary/Treasurer Conrad Perreault introduced Gabrielle Arcand, a recent graduate of Bow High School, who recently was accepted to participate in the Korean War Veterans Youth Corps Conference held in Washington, DC. The Chapter, with Board approval, helped her with a $130 gift towards her travel expenses. This group consists of grand and great grand children of Korean War Veterans. Here they learn about the Korean War and how to interview Korean War Veterans for the Virtual Museum, a museum on the internet. She spoke of her experience at the Conference and her desire to interview some of our members. She passed out a signup sheet and some of our members signed up.

Conrad then passed out samples of the Rose of Sharon, the flower, which is white and light blue and is the national flower of South Korea which can be used as a fund raiser for the NHKWVA. It is sanctioned by the National KWVA just as the poppies are for the Legion and VFW.

It was suggested that we use this at least once a year as a fund raiser at a designated place such as Sam’s Club in Concord, Manchester or Nashua. It was moved and seconded that we set July 27th, the date of the cease fire, as the date of the distribution. Motion carried. The specifics will be looked into by the Board and reported at a future meeting.

Commander Desmond again stressed that we need to be involved in the Tell America Program where we visits schools. The program is well established and easy to follow plus a good way to teach the younger generations about the Korean War. Volunteers are needed.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm.

A social time with refreshments was held before and after the meeting. A thank you goes to Joan Slater, Don Labrie, Don Buskey, Jeanne Perreault and the NHKWVA for the refreshments.

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault – Secretary/Treasurer

Minutes June 7th Meeting

June 7, 2014 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm by Commander Robert Desmond with 14 members, 1 guest and 3 ladies.

The pledge of allegiance was given with a moment of silence for our parted comrades.

Commander Desmond introduced Dan Marcek from Vetflix who gave a talk on their production of veteran historical films through interviews with veterans of all ages. More information can be obtained from www.vetflix.org or calling 603-801-6943.

The following slate of officers for 2014-2015 was presented:

Commander: Robert Desmond
Sr. Vice Commander: Richard Moushegian
Jr. Vice Commander: Richard Zoeb
Secretary/Treasured: Conrad Perreault
Director for 2 years (2014-2016): Lee Booker
Director for 2 years (2014-2016): Paul Harris
Director for 1 year: Donald Buskey
Director for 1 year: Open
Directors to complete their second year: Norman Cobb and John LaPlante

It was moved and seconded to elect the slate. Motion carried

In order for the Chapter to become more active and take the load of the Commander, Sr. Vice Commander and the Secretary/Treasurer it was requested for volunteers to come forward to work on recruitment, Tell America Program, speaker list, locating alternate places to hold meetings and to fill appointed positions such as Sergeant of the Guard, Chaplain, Newsletter, Publicity, etc..

It was moved and seconded to have an Auxiliary open to wives significant others, daughters, granddaughters, husbands, sons, grandsons, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.
Motion passed

A report was given in regard to the Saturday, June 28 “Welcome Home Korean War Veterans”. It will be held at the New Hampshire National Guard Hanger in Concord, NH from 2:00 pm to 5 pm. Pass the word to any Korean Vet that you know, that we want a great showing for this is the first time the State is giving recognition to Korean Vets. Family members and friends are welcomed to join you. Son Woo Park of the Korean-American Society and the Korea Council General from Boston will be present. We are the guest of honor. Newspaper announcements should be out in the near future, particular the Union Leader.

The topic of joining the NH Veterans Home Board of Managers was brought up and the Secretary was directed to submit a letter of application.

A question as to the Chapter hats was presented and explained that the Company is having difficulty with the main provider company. The Secretary will contact our company and see if this can be resolved soon.

The subject of the Korean War National Museum was discussed and it was moved, seconded and approved that the Chapter send a donation of $100 to the Museum.

A discussion on the frequency, day, and time of meetings was presented. It was decided that the Chapter meet every other month instead of quarterly on a Friday from 2pm to 3:30 pm. The first of these will be held in August. The date and location will be announced later. There will be a speaker, Keith Howard from Liberty House; this is a place for homeless veterans located in Manchester.

Refreshments were enjoyed by all before the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:16 pm

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault – Secretary/Treasurer

Minutes March 15th Meeting

March 15, 2014 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2 pm at the Concord VFW by Senior Vice Commander Richard Moushegian with 18 members, 1 guest, and 4 ladies. Socialization and refreshments were enjoyed before the meeting.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our decease comrades.

A Ladies Group, Auxiliary or Support group was discussed and generally accepted with the need for a volunteer(s) to organize and set its goals and function.

The concept of more meetings per year was discussed with the concept of local or community groups meeting between quarterly meetings. In order to do this volunteers are needed to organize in their area.
The idea of a meeting every other month or each month was also presented. Such meetings possibly to be held at different locations throughout the State. Suggestions of places and liaisons are needed.

A Spring or Summer cookout was discussed but was not finalized for someone is needed to chair this event. Everett Delorey of Manchester offered to assist with the cooking.

The membership was reminded that on Saturday, June 28th there will be a “Welcome Home Event” for the NH Korean War Veterans sponsored by the governor and New Hampshire’s elected officials to be held in Concord, NH at the Air National Guard facilities. Keep this date open. More information will be coming.

On Thursday, May 22nd from 5:30 to 8:30 pm there will be a “Veteran Appreciation Day” held at the Keene State College, Keene, NH. This is sponsored by State Red Cross and all veterans and their families are welcomed. There will be a live band and refreshments will be served.

Conrad Perreault and Richard Moushegian reported on the State Veterans Advisory Council (SVAC). This is a council, formed by the State Legislature, of different veteran organizations that meet monthly to discuss legislation that affect veterans. The results of their discussions, opinions and recommendations are reported to the State Legislature. The NHKWVA has requested membership to this council.

It was also mentioned that the NHKWVA will look into the possibility of joining the Board of Managers of the Tilton Veterans Home.

Rose of Sharon fund raiser – The Rose of Sharon is the National KWVA fund raiser flower (similar to the poppy for the American Legion and VFW). In as much as we need to raise money for the Chapter this activity should be looked into. The Secretary/ Treasurer will obtain a sample order from the company. It was noted that if this fund raiser was to take place it should not coincide with the American Legion or VFW poppy weekends.

It was also mentioned that there is still a number of members who have not sent in their Chapter dues for 2014. They are $10.00 made out to NHKWVA and sent to 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH 03431

There are a number of things we would like to and should do but help is needed. The following areas need directors. If anyone is interested or want more information before making a commitment, contact Conrad Perreault at 603-352-5369 or cjperreault@myfairpoint.net

Tell America Program – visits to schools
Program – speakers etc. There was a consensus of the members present to have a speaker or program at meetings.
Liaison between the Chapter and the Korean- American Society

Conrad reported that on March 19 he will represent the Chapter at The Warren B. Rudman Center at the University if New Hampshire Law School where Admiral Mike Mullen former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will speak on “Challenges Facing Tomorrows Military”.

The Chapter hats are still on order but there has not been any information coming from the vendor since the first part of January.

It was requested that if any of the members who have an e-mail address and do not receive the Chapter’s correspondence through it, please send it to Conrad at cjperreault@myfairpoint.net. It is faster and less expensive.

The next meeting will be held Saturday, June 7, 2014. Election for 2015 officers will take place*. Time and place will be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

Submitted by:
Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer

*Note: There are openings for Jr. Vice Commander, two 2 year Directors, and two 1 year Directors. If interested contact Conrad.

Secretary/ Treasure Report for 2013

Secretary/Treasurer Annual Report NHKWVA 320

As Secretary/ Treasurer it is time for me to present to you, the membership, a report of the finances for the 2013 year.

We were in the black this year because of advance dues and donations from members. Only 32 members paid dues for 2013 with 22 paying ahead for 2014.

The membership now stands at 74 active and 4 inactive. An inactive member is one who has not sent in their National dues. If all members pay their NHKWVA Chapter dues it might cover most of the expenses for 2014. We would still need to raise money from other sources so that we always maintain a back up fund.

As you know in the past the Chapter dues were voluntary but because so few did pay, it was voted at the March 3, 2013 meeting to make them mandatory. As of this date only 24 are paid up for 2014. Also, according to the National KWVA one cannot belong to a Chapter if the National dues are not up-to-date. Check your National membership card to determine the date.

On the positive side, the NHKWVA is being acknowledged by other organizations and Senator Kelly Ayotte’s office. The Welcome Home Korean War Veterans event that is to take place on June 28th was instigated by the Chapter. The Chapter is seeking membership in the State Veterans Advisory Committee which acts as an advisory group to the State Legislature on Bills relating to veterans. We are also looking into other avenues where the Chapter can represent the Korean veterans. Members are needed to help fill openings on some of these committees. A few hours every so often is needed so consider helping the Chapter to educate the public about the Korean War and Korean service veterans.

Make sure your National membership is up-to-date and also send your Chapter dues ($10.00) to NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH 03431 and make the check out to NHKWVA. If there are any questions as to your National due date or if you are or are not one on the Chapter’s 2014 paid members, contact me at the NHKWVA address or call 603-352-5369.

Conrad Perreault

Minutes October 26th Meeting

October 26, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 1:55 pm at the Concord, NH VFW by Senior Vice Commander Richard Moushegain with 20 members, 3 guest veterans and 3 ladies.

The pledge of allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our decease comrades.

The roll call of Officers and Directors was taken, and with the exception of Commander Desmond, Jr. Vice Commander Leister and Director Sinclair who were excused, all were present.

Minutes of the August 17th meeting were read and accepted.

Informational note from the August 17th Minutes: The Sampson Korean War Groups meet monthly. The South East NH Group meets at 12 noon on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in Manchester at the Airport Dinner on Brown Ave… The North East Massachusetts Group meets at 9 am on the 1st Tuesday of the month at the Comet dinner in Tyngsboro, MA. They would welcome you to join them.

Financial report was presented and accepted. With only 39 paid dues for 2013 the amount on hand results from donations from some of the members.

Conrad Perreault spoke on the topic of dues. In the past the Chapter dues were voluntary but the membership voted in March that starting in 2014 they are to be mandatory. They are still only $10.00 and he is now accepting dues for 2014. Make the check out to NHKWVA and send it to: NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH 03431. It is also important to pay the National dues for in order to be a member of the Chapter one must belong to the National. In order to maintain our Charter all members must belong to the National Organization.

Senior Vice Moushegian and Secretary Perreault reported on the hat situation. The hats have been ordered but Conrad is having a difficult time corresponding with the vendor. Conrad has left numerous e-mails and phone calls. It appears that in the future the Chapter might have to go a different route with the cost per hat being more.

It was also reported that at the request of NH Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Reddel,
there might be a special event for a “Welcome Home” to acknowledge the NH Korean War Veterans. This is to be held at the armory in Concord, possibly in June.

Sr. Vice Commander Moushegian reported on the dedication of the Veterans Memorial in Hooksett where he represented the NHKWVA and was given the privilege of calling to order the ceremony. Other members were also in attendance.

Member Ed Caron will be presented on November 8th, from Senator Ayotte, the medals from his service in Korea. Commander Bob and Conrad are planning to attend.

Bob Goldsack who taught a 5 week course on the Korean War at Rivier College in Nashua and who also gave a one hour presentation to the Nashua Historical Society spoke on these events.

Richard Zoerb spoke about a former marine who is a double leg amputee from Maine who is riding across the US to raise money for other Vets. Dick also passed around some photos.

Lionel Leblanc reported on his taking some homeless veterans from Liberty House out for a meal.

Discussion ensued on how to obtain information about awards/medals and DD214. It was suggested that filling out form SF180 or contact your US Senator or Representative would be good avenues.

Conrad indicated that we should be more active in events that take place where we can get recognition such as parades, Memorial and Veterans Day events, POW/MIA programs etc… Many present indicated they would participate in parades if there were vehicles to ride in.

The following suggestions were made:
More meetings on Saturdays
Have ID tags for the meetings
Have a few members, at meetings; introduce themselves, their branch, their units and
activities during their service.
Print out and send up-coming events
Make the Secretary aware of any member that has reported to the Last Muster.

The next meeting will be held in March, with the date, day and time to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 pm.

Submitted: Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer

Honor Flight New England – Korea Veterans

Joe Byron,of Honor Flight New England,is inviting Korean War Veterans to apply for future Honor Flight trips. The Honor Flights are trips to Washinton, DC to visit the War Memorials at no cost to the veterans. If interested one can obtain an application or more information at:

Honor Flight New England, P.O. Box 16287 Hooksett, NH 03106

603-518-5368, Toll free 1-877-992-8387

e-mail – honorflightnewengland@gmail.com

Website – www.honorflightnewengland.org