June 4,2017 Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2017 NHKWVA Membership Meeting Minutes


The meeting held at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester was called to order by Jr. Commander Robert Desmond at 2 pm with fourteen members and 3 guests present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was given followed by a moment of silence for our departed comrades.

All officers were present with the exception of Commander Moushegian and Director Courtemanche.

The minutes of the previous meeting were presented and accepted.

Financial Report: For the year to date, expenses are $324.39 and income of $305 with deficit of $19.39.

Membership Report:  The Chapter has 36 paid members with 33 who are still unpaid.  There are also 6 members that owe National Dues.  Look on your National Membership card or the Graybeard label for your date of National dues.  The $10 Chapter dues can be sent to NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH 03431.  Make out the check to NHKWVA.  The National dues must be up-to-date in order to belong to the Chapter.  The Chapter does not receive any portion the money National receives from its members.  If there is a financial problem let the Chapter Sect. /Treas. know. There is an anonymous donor who has pledged $200 if there is a need.

Rose of Sharon:  The distribution of the Rose of Sharon fund raiser will take place on Saturday, July 15th at the Market Basket on Amherst Street, Nashua, NH and on Saturday’ July 22nd at the Market Basket at the intersection of route 114 and McDonald Street in Bedford, NH.  We are allowed to be at the stores from 9 am to 3 pm.  We need at least 6 members to sign up for a one or two hour shift at each of the stores. A sign up sheet is available, and Richard Moushegian, 603-888-2880, will be in charge of the Nashua Store and Conrad Perreault, 603-352-5369, for The Bedford Store.

Name change:  A motion was made and seconded to change the name of the New Hampshire Korean War Veteran Association Chapter 320 to that of Merrill – Van Den Berghe Chapter 320, who are  known as the first and last NH battlefield fatalities of the War.  The motion failed and for the present the Chapter will remain NHKWVA.

Election of Officers:  The following officers and directors were elected and installed for the 2017-2018 year.

Commander: Alan Heidenreich

Sr. Vice Commander: Robert Desmond

Jr. Vice Commander: Richard Zoerb

Secretary/Treasurer: Conrad Perreault


                 Immediate Past Commander: Richard Moushegian

               Two Year Director: Robert Courtemanche

                Two Year Director: James Slater

                One Year Director: Henry Donovan for the Secretary’s seat

Directors Lionel Leblanc and Mike Lopez will be in their second year directorship.

Korean War Museum:

Robert Desmond who is on the Board of Directors of the Korean War Museum announced that the museum will not be relocating to New York City but will be closing its doors due to financial difficulties.  The South Korean Government would match any monies that our government would give, however our Government will not appropriate anything towards the museum.

Korean-American Society Event:

The Korean-American Society will be holding its annual thank you event on Friday, July 28th at the Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen.  The starting time of the event is 3:30 pm.  As in the past, this is their event and we are the guest, which means that we are not involved in the planning or execution of the event.


It was moved and seconded that the Chapter donate $50 to the State Veterans Advisory Committee, of which we are a member, for its summer gathering. Motion passed.

There is to be a blood drawing at the Sweeney Post on June 27th. Veterans are encouraged to make a good showing.

There is to be an Honor Flight leaving from Manchester on Father’s Day.  We know of no one from the NHKWVA that will be on the flight. Some members of the NHKWVA have already signed up and Bob Desmond will check on their status.

Lionel Leblanc was recognized for the large number of tickets purchased for the National KWVA raffle.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at the Sweeney American Legion Post in Manchester, NH with the business meeting starting at 2 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 2:53 pm
Submitted by:

Conrad Perreault, Secretary/Treasurer


A thank you to the following for helping the Chapter with some of the refreshments:  Heidenreichs, Slaters, Perreaults, Don Buskey and Bob Desmond.