Secretaries Report Jan. 2018




Secretaries Report

One of our comrades, Rose Connor-Allard, passes away on December 27, 2017. Thanks to Robert Desmond and Robert Courtemanche who represented the NHKWVA at the wake. Robert Courtemanche also attended the funeral.

Lionel LeBlanc, I believe, is still at the Bedford Hills Center, 30 Colby Ct., Bedford, NH 03110. Am sure he would appreciate visitors and/or correspondences.

Dick Zoerb will be displaying his models and speaking to the residents of the NH Veterans Home in Tilton on Wed. Jan. 24 at 10:30 am.  The public is invited to attend.

The NH Korean-American Society has notified us that they will be presenting a program commemorating the Korean War veterans of NH at the NH Veterans Cemetery on Sat., July 28th.   They will be presenting the Peace Medal Award to those who have not already received it at one of their prior events. Let me know so I can forward the Society your name as soon as possible.  You must be present at the event to receive it.

There is no meeting in February.  The next meeting will be on Sat., April 14th.

History and Membership info on the Chapter:

The first request to the National KWVA for information on starting an NH chapter was made in October 2010. With the information from National and articles in various NH newspapers the first meeting was held in February of 2011 with 20 in attendance.  On May 1 of 2011 the name of the Chapter and the bylaws were accepted and the final papers were sent to National and our Charter was received within a week.  We were now an official chapter of the KWVA with 57 chartered members.  Over the past 5 years our membership has been changing, yes we have lost a number of members and gained a few but we are slowly declining.  In 2014 there were 73 members, 2015 – 63, 2016 – 69, 2017 – 48 and so far this year 30.  According to the latest estimate, Sept. 2017, there are 8200 living NH Korean War Veterans and many Korean Defense Veterans.  Stay a member and help to recruit others.

Those of you who do not have e-mail sometime miss out on timely information.  If you have a family member or a friend with an email, they could relate the info to you.  Give me their e-mail address.  Mine is