Secretary/Treasurer Report 2016

Secretary/Treasurer Report for 2016

The Chapter is now into its second month of a new fiscal year and only a few have submitted Chapter dues for 2017.  Last year there were 69 paid members.  Our general expenses come from dues where as the charitable donations are covered from the monies collected from the Rose of Sharon fund drive in July.

A thank you goes to Joseph Merrill, Norm Cobb, Paul Harris, Richard Zoerb, Joseph Willette, James Spence, Fred Harvey, Jane Kirk, Mervyn Frink, Eugene Pawlik, Conrad Perreault, Marcel Couturier, Robert Courtemanche, John LeFrancois, James Slater, Lionel Leblanc, Robert Leister, Richard Moushegian, Ronald Russell, Henry Dessert and John Ekenbarger who have submitted their 1017 Chapter payment. To be added to this list send a check for $10 made out to NHKWVA and mail it to NHKWVA, 177 Pako Ave., Keene, NH 03431.

Each year on ones anniversary date of regular membership into the National KWVA he or she should have received a notice of payment of dues from the National Membership Committee.  This anniversary date is also found on your National Membership card and on your address label on the Graybeards.  This is a reminder to those members who are listed on the National Inactive List: Richard Angwin, Robert Brewster, Philip Dargie, Everett Delorey, Jorg Dreusicke, Roland Harmon, Gerald Holleran, David Staples and William Sturgeon. All that is needed is a check for $25 made out to KWVA with your membership number in the lower left hand side with the word dues and mail it to The Korean War Veterans Association, Inc., P.O. Box 407, Charleston, IL 61920-0407.

Financially, the Chapter was somewhat successful for the past year (2016) with the income exceeding the expenses by $423.51.  This is due to donations of $380 received from the membership over and above their dues. The Chapter was able to donate to the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery towards the new Education Center, Veterans Count, New Hampshire Veterans Home, Sweeney Legion Post and Vetflix.  The donations totaling $1050 came mostly from the Rose of Sharon fundraising which netted $973.35 after the expense of the flowers.  With the carryover from the previous years the Chapter is financially stable.  Also, the problem with the bank account has been resolver and it is safe.

This past year some members have been involved in a number of activities that has given recognition to the Chapter and Korean War and Defense Veterans.  The activities listed are only those that the Secretary is aware of. Repatriation ceremony in Bedford, NH, Honor Flight, Home Town Memorial Day Activities, Memorial Day at the NH Veterans Home, State Veterans Advisory Committee meetings, Vetflix meeting, Rose of Sharon Fundraiser, Veterans Day Ceremony at NH Veterans, hometown Veterans Day Activities, petition to have the bridge over the Connecticut River at Lebanon name for Korean War Veterans, etc..

Your participation and support to the NHKWVA is greatly appreciated and it is hoped that you will continue.  Come to the meetings and encourage other Korean War and Defense Veterans to join us.

Conrad Perreault